To manage system operation with a wine card, Enomatic has created the “EnoSoft 2.0” software family:

• Card Generator
• Basic• Professional• Multistore

Card Generator: this is the simplest software product and does not require network connections between PC and Dispenser. It allows the creation of Wine Cards for tasting and system configuration (wines, doses, prices) and management.

Basic: a simple yet powerful software product for advanced dispenser management via local area network connection . All operations performed on Enomatic® systems are saved for statistical purposes in a database (Microsoft Access). Possibility of creating various types of Wine Cards for tasting.

Professional: advanced software product for demanding customers which, through specific implementations, allows management of the Enomatic® system by several people simultaneously (Client/Server model). All operations performed on Enomatic systems are saved for statistical purposes in a database (Microsoft SQL Server). With this version it is possible to develop customisations for integration with other management systems or for the use of third-party cards.

Multistore: possibility of implementation for contexts with multiple outlets, allowing the possible sharing of information and wine cards via synchronisation with the “EnoCentral” central server.