wine by the glass


Starting from the principle that wine culture is a common good, we have set ourselves the goal of satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding consumers and offer a personalised tasting experience through flexible and innovative systems that also responds the needs of the manager of the venue.

The Enomatic project was therefore created to combine the needs of both the consumer and the manager, positively and proactively revolutionizing styles of consumption.

Enomatic dispensers allow the wine to be drawn directly from the bottle to the glass through a gas system (inert gas that prevents normal wine alterations due to oxidation). The wine retains its characteristics for more than three weeks after opening the bottle, as if it had just been opened.

Enomatic systems are characterized by:

• Protection and conservation of the wine via nitrogen;

• computerized monitoring of the quantities dispensed;

• Automatic cleaning of the nozzles after each delivery, quality assurance and maximum hygiene;

• individual housing of the bottles, which may be of different heights and shapes;

• Electronic keys with a luminous display.

One may also choose from a wide range of options and activation systems (with or without WineCard), which allow use and adaptability for every need.



· Increase in sales, even of high quality wines

· Elimination of waste due to oxidation of the wine

· Increase in unit profit through selling by the glass

· Rapid return on investment in the purchase of enomatic machines


· Possibility of choice (also with high quality wines)

· Elimination of waste (you drink what you buy)


· Consistent quality over time: thanks to the nitrogen protection system, the wine does not undergo any process of oxidation and maintains its organoleptic characteristics for more than three weeks

· Sure and controlled quantity: the system can be programmed to provide the desired amount and check its accuracy. In this way the risks of waste, alteration and over-measuring are avoided

· Controlled temperature: the temperature-controlled system of the refrigerated and air-conditioned models allows the serving of wine at its ideal temperature.

· Flexibility: the system allows the tasting of any wine (red, white or rosé) free of carbon dioxide. It is possible to insert bottles of different sizes into the dispenser.

· Quick and easy service: with a simple “click” the desired amount is dispensed directly into the glass.

· Versatility: Enomatic ® products can be equipped with WineCards, to offer customers the ability to serve themselves autonomously, without any need for staff.

· Easy maintenance: the self-cleaning system of the supplying parts ensures maximum hygiene.

· Appeal, versatility and prestige: sober and elegant design, suitable for any environment

Certifications and patents

Enomatic products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the applicable international standards.

Enomatic aims to offer its customers safe and reliable products.

To achieve this purpose all products are subjected to meticulous testing both by third parties and by the company’s internal staff.

In the design phase, Enomatic requests the approval of new products by certification bodies which verify the electrical safety and food compliance of the equipment designed with respect to international reference standards.

During production, furthermore, Enomatic products are subjected to daily tests carried out by its employees in addition to being subjected to periodic checks during inspections performed by certification bodies.

It is the time and attention to detail that Enomatic  dedicates to every single device that guarantees the high levels of quality and safety that distinguish our products.

Enomatic  products are characterized, moreover, by their innovative content. The technologies adopted in Enomatic  products are the result of brilliant insights that have led to inventions protected by patents. The dispensing taps, the WineCard system and the automatic centring of the bottles are only some of the many patents held by Enomatic . The experience of using an Enomatic  product will show just how ingenious and intuitive the technical solutions adopted in Enomatic  products really are.

In addition, the technology and innovation of Enomatic products are suitable for every type of need, creating profits for our clients and great satisfaction for wine lovers who enjoy a glass of fine wine.


Colour, flavour and body make each wine unique. However, a short time after the opening of a bottle a natural degradation process begins, common to all foods that remain in contact with oxygen and therefore called “oxidation.” Reducing or eliminating the presence of oxygen and replacing it with an inert gas such as nitrogen (food-grade nitrogen E941) limits or completely prevents the development of microflora and consequently halts the wine spoilage process. The laboratory tests that we have conducted at the Chianti Classico Consortium research institute demonstrate the maintenance of key wine parameters at a more than satisfactory level for over three weeks, thereby certifying the reliability of enomatic systems.