Enomatic was born in 2002 from the happy intuition of two Tuscan entrepreneurs, who – after years of experimentation and market analysis – decided to industrialize an innovative system for preserving and serving wine by the glass, allowing countless benefits to all its users (consumers, venue managers, wine producers …)

Technologically-advanced solutions, innovative design, specific software, a wide range of products, and design and production entirely Made in Italy are just some of the main hallmarks of enomatic wine serving systems which have transformed “raising a glass” into a social event.

Enomatic is now an internationally recognized and appreciated brand thanks to a consolidated history of success and is often used as a case study.

Enomatic systems are now distributed in over 70 countries on all continents through a network of professionals who satisfy the needs of individual customers in their local areas.


Benefits for the venue owner:

Increase in wine sales (even of high quality)

Elimination of waste due to oxidation of the wine

Increase in unit profit thanks to selling by the glass

Rapid return on investment in the purchase of enomatic machines

Advantages for the consumer:

Possibility of choice (also with high quality wines)

Elimination of waste (you drink what you buy)

Discover the world of wine

A wine lover is inevitably also a lover of discovery. We speak of the pleasure of tasting as an act dictated by the desire to know, of tasting lived as a moment of emotion in the making. Regardless of taste preferences, curiosity arises at the sight of a new label, anticipation for the wine itself, it tells us of its culture, it tells its story. This is the spirit in which the Enomatic ® systems were created, to offer everyone the possibility of a wide range of tasting experiences followed by an informed choice, made according to one’s own taste.

Choose according to your taste

Orienting oneself in a huge and growing market such that of wine is not easy. When choosing a wine one is so often guided by an attractive label or by the advice of someone else, or – make no mistake – you buy the most expensive bottle. But this does not always go well … and in these cases the choice is no longer a pleasure but a dilemma. We therefore set ourselves the goal of re-evaluating the choice, convinced that only personal experience leads to a quality selection.

Technology in the service of tradition

To taste is to drink little, drink healthily, and to enjoy all the flavours and emotions that wine can give. Enomatic, leader in the production of systems for wine tasting, has made technology at the service of tradition its philosophy. Prestige, technology and elegance to add value to the tradition of "Made in Italy".
Enomatic S.r.l. recalls that the dispensing/serving of products through its systems must take place with the direct control of the merchant.Enomatic S.r.l. sells highly technological product storage and dispensing systems and does not accept any liability for uses of the same other than those indicated or which are not compliant with those permitted by law.